the practice of presence

With the sheer number of articles and books I’ve read on the idea of “being present” you would think that I’ve have mastered this practice. Yet as I sat down to knock out my emails from the day before, my mind raced from here to there. Frustrated by the lack of focus, I sat backContinue reading “the practice of presence”

list rehab

Being a yogi isn’t all deep breaths and chill vibes. It’s interesting how often people make stereotypes about who I am because of my profession and hobbies. While I do enjoy meditation and hiking I also thrive on keeping my house sparkling clean and completing my endless to-do lists. Since the time I worked asContinue reading “list rehab”

Monday Mantras w: Meg

Good Morning & Happy Monday! Check out my new video about life, tough times, and moving through it. 😉 With Love & Light, Megan