habits & the inevitable ruts we dig

As I sat down on the porch this morning to read, I stumbled upon the quote by Miguel De Unamuno, “To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be.” I wrestled with this statement for the next hour. Sure, some habits are great. But more often than not, when asked about ourContinue reading “habits & the inevitable ruts we dig”

the continued journey to living in the present​

As I sat outside Sip & Ship, a wonderful locally owned coffee/shipping store, I sipped my hemp milk latte. Drake’s beats played in my earbuds as I pulled out my notebook to write- about what I felt was prudent for me & my community on this day- living in the present moment. As I putContinue reading “the continued journey to living in the present​”

i don’t know

Thinking back on my middle school years still, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It is such a time of change and transformation. (Why don’t they have a movie that explained you’re supposed to be awkward then, that plays in health class?) As my peers and I geared up, from leaving the “elementary nest” to transition into ourContinue reading “i don’t know”

my morning ritual

You might say I am a dreamer. Meaning, I live most often in my mind as opposed to in my feet. I am constantly thinking, creating and dreaming up ideas about life/ the future- which I feel is great- for me. But sometimes, it can be unsettling taking me out of the present moment. YouContinue reading “my morning ritual”

impostor syndrome

Have you ever accomplished a goal, task, or title/job change where you looked back to see if anyone was looking, pinched yourself to see if it was real, or questioned how it even happened in the first place? If you have, like many, you have suffered from the impostor syndrome. Great! There is a nameContinue reading “impostor syndrome”

manifestation reminders

Manifest: Taking the time to dream, envision, create and see your best version of life. This word first showed up a few years back during my yoga teacher training program and it immediately hit home. {Now it is tattooed on my wrist as a constant reminder.} The incredible power of manifestation lite a fire underContinue reading “manifestation reminders”


If you find yourself continually getting frustrated in the search for what’s next, you are not alone. Occasionally the vision is delicately placed in plain site for us to see and other times it’s hidden deep within. In the later scenario, the search can begin to feel pointless and full of dead ends, making usContinue reading “trust”

I want…

I want to love myself without shame. I want to emanate love to every being I meet. I want to be received- as I am. And the greatest thing about all of this is… all I want is my reality. -because I manifested it to be- I am mindfully aware of what I want andContinue reading “I want…”