easing the transition to fall


Ricardo Almeida ©

As the rain aggressively fell outside my second story window, I was reminded of the small joys inspired by the season of fall in the Pacific Northwest. The crisp air in the early morning, the colorful change on the trees, and the pumpkin spice aroma wafting about brings with it a delightful memory of the warm fall season.

With school back in session and summer vacations long past, fall brings about a whole new routine. Shorter days gently shift our focus, increasing the importance to refocus to make the best of our waking hours.

Take these four practices with you into your fall to help refocus your mind, body, and soul thus ensuring a smooth transition into this new season.


Journal on your favorite activities of the summer.

Allow for a summer wrap up to take place to tie up the loose ends and prepare for the fall months ahead. Take time to reminisce and remember the joys of your summer. What specifically happened that was really great? Do you have pictures from the experience that you would like to frame? Is there an opportunity to make it a tradition next year?

Find a new routine.

As the daylight hours shorten and the weather changes, our routines will shift as well. Find a balance between activity and rest that feels right to you. Specifically, what shifts in your routine do you need to make? What’s a good time for you to wake up, get exercise, go to sleep? What other activities do you need to integrate into your daily/weekly schedule?

Create a meal plan.

Fall months call for warmer, heartier meals. Find a few meals you enjoy for the week and write out the list of ingredients needed before you go grocery shopping. Don’t have time to cook during the week? Add a new routine of prepping your meals on Sundays or sign up for a meal delivery service in your area that will bring the food to you (prepared or raw)!

Practice gratitude and appreciation for all you have.

It can be all too easy to focus on what’s lacking and what you desire, especially as we move into the holiday months ahead. This practice leaves a feeling of emptiness inside. Instead, start early with a regular gratitude practice to get in an appreciation routine. Nothing is too small to be thankful for. Start a daily gratitude journal. Write down what you are thankful for each day. Share with others and spread the joy of gratitude!


Refocus this fall season by taking the time to wrap up your summer. Be mindful of the habits and routines you wish to take into the fall and practice gratitude to set yourself up for the holiday season. Share with us tips in your routine that work for you during the fall months and enjoy these last few days of summer!



Megan Kountz

Yoga Teacher & Life Coaching

line in the sand


tanja-heffner-263410.jpgTears began to well up in my almond shaped brown eyes as I looked ahead at the calendar of events for the next two weeks. With my baby sister graduating from high school – yes, we are that far apart in age – my family has been wound up in a crazy schedule of events including parties, family dinners, and joyful celebrations as she completes this chapter of her life.

One of the greatest things about school graduations is that they provide us with a clear cut – line in the sand – day to move into the next chapter of our lives. When we leave organized schooling these transitions seem to blur.

Today, I invite you to look back on your lines in your sand. Whether it be entering into a new job, relationship, moving, or personal growth opportunities, consider these life changes and how you’ve come to where you are on your journey. Reflect on how you made these transitions by asking yourself: Did it happen at the right time? What can you learn from the past to carry into your future chapters? What is important that you pursue in your next chapter? What arenas in your life need addressed?

It’s never too late to turn the page. Life changes happen at all different ages to people of all different backgrounds for various reasons.

I’m not going to lie – change is hard. While comfort zones are a safe place to stay, if we lounge we can begin to lose our purpose and passion for living. You hit your breaking point and it becomes quite clear – you’ve exhausted yourself, the tension is so high, you just can’t move forward as things are – that you need to move on. I challenge you to make the shifts before your breaking point. Mindful awareness helps us ease into the next chapter rather than break down to move on.

A new chapter is a healthy opportunity to reflect and analyze what worked well in your previous chapter, what you want to take with you into the next, and what is no longer serving you. Right now, if you were to turn the page, what’s next for you?

Build the courage to make the shifts that need to happen in your life. Talk with a trusted friend, find a support network that will assist you in making the changes, and always remember to trust yourself.



Megan Kountz

Yoga Teacher & Life Coach