life: your movie reel

Your mind creates the world you live in. Quiet literally, you are the director, star actor, supporting roles and extras for you own personal movie. And you get to choose: What reality do you wish to create? What perspective will you take? Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining. Life catches us in negativity,Continue reading “life: your movie reel”

dropping into the present

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.”  Albert Einstein Living in the now is the greatest present you can give yourself and others this holiday season. It feels good, is free of cost, and sends positive energy to your body mentally, physically, and emotionally. When you are able to ground yourselves inContinue reading “dropping into the present”


My cousin was in town this week from Washington DC. It’s always lovely seeing her because she brings a renewed sense of acceptance to life. She is such a kind, loving person who upon introduction holds new and old friends close to her heart. She has this natural mother capability making everyone around her feelContinue reading “Introspection”

Happiness is Your Choice

Choose happiness and a positive attitude! You have the ability to make/change your life! When the going get’s tough our true colors begin to show. It’s one thing to be positive when good things are happening; but how do you react when you’ve had “one of those days”? You wake up late, it’s shitty weatherContinue reading “Happiness is Your Choice”