life: your movie reel

Your mind creates the world you live in. Quiet literally, you are the director, star actor, supporting roles and extras for you own personal movie. And you get to choose: What reality do you wish to create? What perspective will you take? Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining. Life catches us in negativity,Continue reading “life: your movie reel”

balance during VATA season

From late fall to early winter the western hemisphere is in the energetic Vata season. When out of balance in this season you may feel excess stress, restlessness, digestive challenges, weakness, cold, anxiousness, or even experience insomnia. Energy can seem to come in sprits leading to burn out and fatigue. To balance Vata, make choicesContinue reading “balance during VATA season”

peace in the now

I was driving down the street today and saw a bumper sticker that caught my attention. It read: Stop Endless War While I am thankful we don’t directly feel the impact of war living in Seattle, it is happening, in a very real way throughout the Middle East right now. And so I asked myself,Continue reading “peace in the now”

“don’t be selfish”

As a child, I was concerned about acting “selfish”. My parents, who are phenomenal loving parents, knew nothing better than to scold me for acting self-centered at times. I admit, there were days when I didn’t quite think of others. Shit, we all have our days… but this didn’t mean that I didn’t care forContinue reading ““don’t be selfish””

the week before…

Something I have really struggled with recently is being present. I don’t know if it’s the growing awareness I have for ‘not being present’ or if its the speed at which my world seems to be moving, but the action of being present has seemed to have gotten harder.   It gets worse when IContinue reading “the week before…”

Relaxing: “Do Nothing” Time

I am a person who likes to be busy. I work in a job I love, I have great friends, family in the area and a list of hobbies that I am passionate about. A while ago, I began packing my schedule so tightly, I rarely gave myself the time to do nothing, to sitContinue reading “Relaxing: “Do Nothing” Time”

Slowing Down

Coming back from a long weekend is relaxing- until you get home and realize all you have put off. Since the moment I got home yesterday I began rushing around, doing everything I meant to get done before the end of the weekend. Except of course during my 7:30 yoga practice, where I was fullyContinue reading “Slowing Down”