sharing is caring

To share your story is to give strength to humanity. As I looked around the living room that warm summer weeknight, I saw expressions of fear, pain, and anxiety hoisted on top of shoulders and protruding from the lips of my peers. The topic of conversation: highs & lows of the past week. When theContinue reading “sharing is caring”

the practice of presence

With the sheer number of articles and books I’ve read on the idea of “being present” you would think that I’ve have mastered this practice. Yet as I sat down to knock out my emails from the day before, my mind raced from here to there. Frustrated by the lack of focus, I sat backContinue reading “the practice of presence”

patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue, I reminded myself after the 6th dropped call of the morning. As I slowed down my thoughts to stare blankly out the rectangle windshield of my car, I began to breath deeper. Reminding myself of the value in deep breathing I moved on to consider what this phrase really meant. Furthermore,Continue reading “patience is a virtue”


Stop. Are you currently multi tasking? Reading this as you walk to your car? During your commute? In between tasks? It’s okay if you are. Just take note if this is you. Then, consider how often you actually stop to notice what’s going on in these transitional moments of your life. Chances are you use this time toContinue reading “pause”

the continued journey to living in the present​

As I sat outside Sip & Ship, a wonderful locally owned coffee/shipping store, I sipped my hemp milk latte. Drake’s beats played in my earbuds as I pulled out my notebook to write- about what I felt was prudent for me & my community on this day- living in the present moment. As I putContinue reading “the continued journey to living in the present​”

my struggle with -being present-

  The number of articles and books I’ve read on the idea of “being present” would qualify me as a curious researcher in the field. Yet until last week, I wasn’t quite able to wrap my head around the practice. Chances are, this will change again and I will lose the answer that once satisfiedContinue reading “my struggle with -being present-“

dropping into the present

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.”  Albert Einstein Living in the now is the greatest present you can give yourself and others this holiday season. It feels good, is free of cost, and sends positive energy to your body mentally, physically, and emotionally. When you are able to ground yourselves inContinue reading “dropping into the present”