Monday Mantras w: Meg


4th chakra- right to love and be loved



“Love is the bridge between you and everything. Don’t feel lonely the entire universe is inside you.” -Rumi

At age 4 you begin to develop your 4th chakra energy, your right to love and be loved. Located at the heart center it ignites in the relationships you develop with your family, peers, and self, signaling the development of your persona.

Often times you feel this battle, around -do I deserve love or [worse] I don’t like myself- that originates in the criticism of the self. Have empathy for yourself and practice compassion when you are having a tough day. It’s okay to be down. Tough days happen! This form of self-acceptance and love is key to keep you balanced and healthy.

But lets get real; self-acceptance is easier said than done. You have numerous external inputs telling you whom you should be, often times not relating at all to how you truly feel. It’s easy to get out of balance here in fact its normal. Feeling antisocial, depressed, lonely, are all signs of a deficient 4th chakra. Alternatively, codependency, jealousy, and acting self-sacrificing are all signs of an excess 4th chakra. You most likely go through phases, deficient and excess, but the most important thing is for you to FEEL the emotions and know that you are truly worthy of love.

To bring balance back into your excess or deficient 4th chakra do things like wearing the color green, practicing breathing exercises, eating veggies, going outside on a windy day, and reaching your arms out, up, and then in to invite balance to this chakra. Journal to express and discover your true self within is another great techniques to tune your love energy.

My favorite way to get back in balance- practice mantras or affirmations like

“I am loving to myself and others.”

“There is an infinite supply of love!”


Just know that you are loved. You hold the love of the universe within you. All you need to do is open yourself up to feel it.

Self Love and Acceptance


I love MYSELF.

For years I saw loving myself as a selfish act.  Raised in a Catholic household, I was taught that my purpose in life was to be a good person to others  (along with many other things). If I succeed at this, I would reach heaven. They repeated “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. As I matured, I felt out of place when I never really connected with this concept. While I was nice to people, I didn’t feel the fulfillment I was searching for in my own life. I had totally neglected self love and in turn had become overly self critical.

I had this feeling that if I were to love myself it would be in vein. Would I go to heaven?

It wasn’t until a few months before my college graduation that I decided I needed to reassess my happiness.  Thank goodness I did.  I was easily irritated and nothing seemed to really  please me. I felt like I was doing everything for others and was beginning to burn out. I hopped on a plane to Mexico and treated myself to exactly what I wanted for an entire week.

Though my yoga practice, I have learned that it is OK to love yourself. In fact, it’s my obligation to love myself. If you’re not happy with myself how could I be happy with others? Today, I make loving myself a priority. Ironically enough, I have noticed a change in my love for others. Crazy how internally fixing yourself causes external changes. As for most things, I am a work in progress. The lovingkindess metta has helped me remember.

May I be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved.

May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved.

May we be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved.