Monday Mantras w: Meg


step up & lead


leaders.jpegEach day brings a new opportunity:

To lead. Or to be lead.

And we need both in our society.

To be a leader one must be willing to do the work to understand where people need lead. They must have the ability to inspire and create action. They must lead by example, yet be able to march in the crowd with their tribe.

We need leaders who are willing to admit they are wrong. Who are passionate about their projects. Who are willing to put in the extra work to move the team to achieve the vision.

We need leaders who are not willing to give up on their mission.

We need leaders in our families. Within our friends. In our offices. We need leaders in our communities. We need leaders in our cities, states, and nations. We need people to stand up & lead.

So I ask you, who are you lead by? And then, how can you lead?

Is it time for you to step up and lead in a different capacity? In a different arena?

And if so, what are you passionate about? Where do you want to make an impact? And how can you lead yourself, your family, your community in a way that is authentic to you?