the road back to movement

As I lay in bed less than a week after my rushed procedure to figure out what was wrong with me, I struggled to answer my phone, get up to go to the bathroom, and eat two (not three) meals a day. The nausea had overcome my body to the point that even the thoughtContinue reading “the road back to movement”

Love Your Relationships

As I talk with my community about balanced living and the pieces of the “life’s pie” that makes us feel nourished, there are two things that consistently show up as major talking points. The first being our careers- how we spend 40+ hours a week- and the second being our relationships including intimate, friend &Continue reading “Love Your Relationships”

Find Your Happiness

As I look around with constant curiosity for purpose and meaning in what I do, I can’t help but come back to the same question. What is happiness? It’s a difficult question for me because in all honesty…it depends. Happiness will look and feel slightly different from day to day because it is slightly dependentContinue reading “Find Your Happiness”

Monday Mantras w: Meg

Good Morning & Happy Monday! Check out my new video about life, tough times, and moving through it. 😉 With Love & Light, Megan

The 80/20 Rule & How it Applies to Your Life

Small talk has never been my thing. Especially living in Seattle, where the weather during the winter season is somewhat of a depressing topic. In place of “How about that rain?” I have come up with questions like “What makes you happy?” or “What are you looking forward to today?” to remind myself and theContinue reading “The 80/20 Rule & How it Applies to Your Life”

rise & shine

Just as the sun peaks over the horizon, a lotus flower emerges from the murky morning waters. And at first glance, it may appear to be just a magical gift from mother nature. But if you look deeper there is a mystical essense that rises with the blossoming of this flower. Considering the meaning behindContinue reading “rise & shine”