rise & shine

Just as the sun peaks over the horizon, a lotus flower emerges from the murky morning waters. And at first glance, it may appear to be just a magical gift from mother nature. But if you look deeper there is a mystical essense that rises with the blossoming of this flower. Considering the meaning behindContinue reading “rise & shine”

habits & the inevitable ruts we dig

As I sat down on the porch this morning to read, I stumbled upon the quote by Miguel De Unamuno, “To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be.” I wrestled with this statement for the next hour. Sure, some habits are great. But more often than not, when asked about ourContinue reading “habits & the inevitable ruts we dig”

Behind the Darkness

As I hopped into my car Friday afternoon to drive out of the city, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of nervousness wash over me. We were gearing up for a camping weekend- my younger sister and I- and I had not yet really settled into the fact that we would be alone inContinue reading “Behind the Darkness”

life: your movie reel

Your mind creates the world you live in. Quiet literally, you are the director, star actor, supporting roles and extras for you own personal movie. And you get to choose: What reality do you wish to create? What perspective will you take? Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining. Life catches us in negativity,Continue reading “life: your movie reel”

the continued journey to living in the present​

As I sat outside Sip & Ship, a wonderful locally owned coffee/shipping store, I sipped my hemp milk latte. Drake’s beats played in my earbuds as I pulled out my notebook to write- about what I felt was prudent for me & my community on this day- living in the present moment. As I putContinue reading “the continued journey to living in the present​”

i don’t know

Thinking back on my middle school years still, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. It is such a time of change and transformation. (Why don’t they have a movie that explained you’re supposed to be awkward then, that plays in health class?) As my peers and I geared up, from leaving the “elementary nest” to transition into ourContinue reading “i don’t know”

Stressed much?

Smile if you have experienced stress in the past week. See how I did that? Do you already feel better? Stress: Shit To Remember Every Single Second And as we take on more responsibility there becomes more potential for stress. So what do we do about it? How do we deal? Start with: Acknowledgement: It’sContinue reading “Stressed much?”

love is the answer

Saturday morning, as I sat on the bench along the track drinking my hemp milk latte, I took a moment to sit back- close my eyes- and feel the warm sunshine on my face. As I opened my eyes back to see the world around me, I noticed the smile of an approaching man who slowedContinue reading “love is the answer”

a different view on distraction

We have become masters of distraction. Just now, as I sat down to write this post, I sidetracked myself by checking emails, clearing my facebook notifications, and emptying out the “trash can” on my computer. The irony hit me as I began to put my fingers to the keyboard. I took in a deep breathContinue reading “a different view on distraction”

trading expectations for intentions

To say things always go as planned is a laughable statement. So this past week I took some time to look back at my expectations. Putting them through a checks and balance as to whether my expectations lead to good- productive energy- or energy around regret or resentment when things don’t go as planned. WhatContinue reading “trading expectations for intentions”