addressing the inner dialogue around judgement

It’s okay that I am not perfect. It’s okay that I am different. It’s okay that I make mistakes. It’s okay that I feel scared. It’s okay that I give myself a break. These were the mantras that ran through my head last Friday evening. After a day full of disappointments and missed opportunities, IContinue reading “addressing the inner dialogue around judgement”

life: your movie reel

Your mind creates the world you live in. Quiet literally, you are the director, star actor, supporting roles and extras for you own personal movie. And you get to choose: What reality do you wish to create? What perspective will you take? Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining. Life catches us in negativity,Continue reading “life: your movie reel”

my morning ritual

You might say I am a dreamer. Meaning, I live most often in my mind as opposed to in my feet. I am constantly thinking, creating and dreaming up ideas about life/ the future- which I feel is great- for me. But sometimes, it can be unsettling taking me out of the present moment. YouContinue reading “my morning ritual”


In order to grow, you have got to let go. Nothing is ever permanent. The concept of impermanence is at the same time both comforting and frightening. Comforting in the sense, that painful life circumstances will pass. Frightening in the sense that we will, at some point, have to let go of all of thisContinue reading “impermanence”

balance during VATA season

From late fall to early winter the western hemisphere is in the energetic Vata season. When out of balance in this season you may feel excess stress, restlessness, digestive challenges, weakness, cold, anxiousness, or even experience insomnia. Energy can seem to come in sprits leading to burn out and fatigue. To balance Vata, make choicesContinue reading “balance during VATA season”

how we start our day

When my alarm goes off in the morning one of my first thoughts is, ‘how much more sleep can I get’. After doing the calculation, I lay back in bed, attempting to fall back asleep. This doesn’t happen simultaneously so as I lie there, I like to set an intention for the day. My intentionContinue reading “how we start our day”


I’ve been thinking, talking, and writing a lot about “being present” as it is, more than ever, a reoccurring theme in my life. Fall is this natural time of “airiness” with the wind swirling and leaves falling we feel a sense of movement. Any time we experience movement, it has the ability to uproot us,Continue reading “mindfulness”

SuperMoon in taurus

Tomorrow marks our next Full Moon, this time supersized to the visual eye from the earth, hence the name SUPERMOON. During this coming week, you may feel a pull to the deep-rooted questions around ‘who you truly are’. These inquiries are awfully tricky because our first reaction typically is to define ourselves by our jobsContinue reading “SuperMoon in taurus”


I truly believe there is space for all of us to do what we want successfully and in friendly competition with others. I move with this abundance mentality in all I do. If you are looking to start a business and you want advice on how to get started, please ask me. I am here-Continue reading “abundance”

judgment day

I was driving down the street the other day and saw a bumper sticker that made me smile. It read- I’m here for non judgment day. Coming from a catholic upbringing, I thought this to be such an ironic phrase. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely support any and all religions. For me, this issueContinue reading “judgment day”