my morning ritual

You might say I am a dreamer. Meaning, I live most often in my mind as opposed to in my feet. I am constantly thinking, creating and dreaming up ideas about life/ the future- which I feel is great- for me. But sometimes, it can be unsettling taking me out of the present moment. YouContinue reading “my morning ritual”

SuperMoon in taurus

Tomorrow marks our next Full Moon, this time supersized to the visual eye from the earth, hence the name SUPERMOON. During this coming week, you may feel a pull to the deep-rooted questions around ‘who you truly are’. These inquiries are awfully tricky because our first reaction typically is to define ourselves by our jobsContinue reading “SuperMoon in taurus”

“don’t be selfish”

As a child, I was concerned about acting “selfish”. My parents, who are phenomenal loving parents, knew nothing better than to scold me for acting self-centered at times. I admit, there were days when I didn’t quite think of others. Shit, we all have our days… but this didn’t mean that I didn’t care forContinue reading ““don’t be selfish””

I want…

I want to love myself without shame. I want to emanate love to every being I meet. I want to be received- as I am. And the greatest thing about all of this is… all I want is my reality. -because I manifested it to be- I am mindfully aware of what I want andContinue reading “I want…”

what do you focus on

Your focus becomes your reality. Literally, what you focus on shapes your experiences in life. Let’s do a little exercise to see how it works. Think of a problem you have, because lets face it, we all have problems. Many of us focus and dwell on these problems. Take a moment now to focus onContinue reading “what do you focus on”

how to ease back in

Emails are backed up, voicemails await responses, and everything you put off until the day you returned now sits smack in front of you. Welcome home from your vacation!   Overtime, I have learned that it can be hard to check out and disconnect for a few days. The world continues to move when we shut offContinue reading “how to ease back in”

the week before…

Something I have really struggled with recently is being present. I don’t know if it’s the growing awareness I have for ‘not being present’ or if its the speed at which my world seems to be moving, but the action of being present has seemed to have gotten harder.   It gets worse when IContinue reading “the week before…”

Relaxing: “Do Nothing” Time

I am a person who likes to be busy. I work in a job I love, I have great friends, family in the area and a list of hobbies that I am passionate about. A while ago, I began packing my schedule so tightly, I rarely gave myself the time to do nothing, to sitContinue reading “Relaxing: “Do Nothing” Time”

Life’s Mystery

Do you ever find yourself asking, “why me” “who now”? I am the first to admit, that in the past I have felt like a victim to life’s happenings. It seems like everything continues to happen around us while our world crumbles to pieces. When we reflect and ask why, our mind creates these horribleContinue reading “Life’s Mystery”

Trying To Answer The Unexplained “Why”?

The never ending question seems to be why? Why did this happen to me? Why did I deserve this? Why can’t I make this feeling go away? Why can’t I fix it? I can’t answer these why’s so I vow to stop asking them. Stop trying to make things perfect. The beautiful waves of dailyContinue reading “Trying To Answer The Unexplained “Why”?”