Monday Mantras w: Meg


~ do you ~


where I am writing fromI spent a good part of my life trying to “fit in”. Just saying it makes me laugh. I feel empowered to know this. And rather than hiding behind it in shame, I feel the need to share it.


At 26 years young, I am happy to say that I have realized this and am able to bring it into my conscious awareness. This by no means is me saying that I no longer try to fit in either. 🙂 We all do at some point. But still, I am aware and that is the first step.


In my study of authenticity and what it means to “do you”, I have found that a large percentage of my previous actions, decisions, and conversations were carried out to make others happy or me liked, what have you. What I have learned is, while it’s easy at the time to make choices in this manner, after awhile it begins to wear on our authentic self. Essentially, we learn to move and flow with others, losing our decision making power.


This week I strive to rediscover myself on a deeper level. Understand what I want. No longer responding with, “I don’t know, what do you want to do”. BE BOLD. BE YOU.


(Picture above is my writing/ yoga view for the next 3 days. I am blessed. I am grateful.)