Life Coaching


Empowering women to succeed physically, mentally, and emotionally through life coaching is one of my passions! By coaching women around vision & goals, balance, mindset, business management, and physical wellness we become better for society as a whole. Each person brings something new to the table and we address the individual as a whole – rather than an issue – to ensure we build long-term solutions.

During our time together, we will work to exam what is going on right now in your life but also uncover how your past has created habits for your future. Digging deep to discover what obstacles or challenges might be inhibiting your individual growth, we will work to build a plan to align your actions with the life you want to live.

Most sessions conclude with a “homework” assignment to ensure you are working on the practice outside of our time together. I get to the point. Ask questions that make you think and hold your feet to the fire.

“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” ~Rumi

Instagram: @Redheaded.Hippie

Coaching Structure:

  • Personal Interview | 1-Hour: In our first meeting, we will spend time getting to know one another. I expect my clients to interview me as I interview them so that we together can make a decision on whether coaching is a good fit at this time.
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions | 1-Hour: We will dive into your mind to investigate how you are feeling and what is happening in your life right now. The process of self-study is personalized for every individual. From here we move forward in the direction we are pulled. 
  •  Pricing:
    • 1 Session- $120
    • 5 Session Package- $550
    • 10 Session Package- $1,000

I would highly recommend committing to 5+ sessions to start. In order to see lasting results, we must build a solid foundation for you to move from. This will start to formulate over the course of a few sessions. 

Email Megan directly at or call {425}270-8480 to set up your personal interview today.


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