Our Idea of Balance

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Balance- one of my favorite coaching and yoga topics. Something we all like to talk or “dream” about but most of us live without.

After graduating college with a economics degree, I started my career in the finance world, and learned one speed- GO. No balance, no free time, just work, promotion, work, spend, work…collapse. We live in a society of constant overdrive. Working 72% of the week, 70% year [110/365] is a norm.

As a yogi, I feel blessed and cursed. Balance has become such an attractive energy in my life that when I get pulled out of balance, I realize immediately the shift of energy.  I don’t collapse out of exhaustion or burn out. Cursed because I don’t ride in over drive, getting not nearly as much done as pre yoga Megan, and I feel like society shakes their fingers at me. People have even said things like, “You’re young. You can handle that.”

I’m here to tell you to shake your finger back. Balance is your right as a human. You not only deserve it you NEED it to live your best life. So ask yourself, “Do I live in balance?”

Below are a few questions to help gauge your balanced or unbalanced life.

1. On Thursday, what are your feelings about Friday? Is it, “I can’t take one more day of this”? Or do you sill feel fresh?

2. How much “you” time do you set aside daily? I don’t mean time with the TV or book, I mean personal “do nothing” time.

3. What’s your general energy level through the week?

4. What are you doing that you don’t want to be doing? Why? What needs to give?

With these questions we can consider the balance we invite into our lives. Realizing what we say yes to forces us to say no to something else. Find balance. Find power. Find you. And when all else fails… dance.

Dancing Window Picture