Urban HeadshotMegan lives her life with passion, love, and laughter! She works with individuals to inspire and encourage manifestation, personal empowerment and happiness through yoga and courageous conversations.

During a time of stress and unrest in her life, she turned to yoga as her therapeutic outlet. She expected yoga to relieve her of the mental strain she was experiencing in the finance world and create a supportive environment for relaxation. Not only did yoga do this, it opened her eyes to the world around her. She began to notice things she didn’t pay attention to before; beautiful things such as flowers on her walk to work, the fresh air from the sea just a mile from her home, and the relaxing nature of reading a book. Yoga transported Megan to her happy place on and off the mat. It is her dharma (purpose) to share this and her renewed sense of joy with you.

To compliment yoga, Megan is a Certified Life Coach, supporting clients around vision & goals, balance, and overall well-being. With her background in natural remedies and yogic philosophy, she brings a unique lifestyle perspective to her meetings. 

In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, hiking, laughing, reading and adventuring throughout the Pacific Northwest with her friends and family.

Twitter: @redheadedhippie // Instagram: @redheaded.hippie
Blog: http://www.redheadedhippie.com & http://www.nwcorporateyoga.com 


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Meg, I love what you are all about!! I took your yoga class at the Urban Yoga Spa yesterday morning and I am inspired by your ways of teaching; especially from what I have seen on this blog.
    I am a co-director of a non-profit called Let’s Imagine…I think you would be an asset to our internationally growing Karma Yoga Teacher team. Please email me and check out our website if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity!!


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