balance during VATA season

164H (1)From late fall to early winter the western hemisphere is in the energetic Vata season. When out of balance in this season you may feel excess stress, restlessness, digestive challenges, weakness, cold, anxiousness, or even experience insomnia. Energy can seem to come in sprits leading to burn out and fatigue.

To balance Vata, make choices that bring warmth, stability, and consistency to your life. Find a routine and stick with it. Go to bed before 10 p.m. and wake up by 6 a.m., while eating your meals at regular times. Avoid becoming chilled and perform a daily massage using warmer, heavy oils like sesame and almond.

Stick with light exercise that enhances balance and flexibility. DO YOGA. Take care to not push yourself too far and exceed your energy limits. WALK. Drink ginger tea to sooth your digestion and warm you up. LISTEN TO CALM SOOTHING MUSIC. Get a massage treatment. Favor WARM COLORS in your clothing and environment. Burn AROMAS that are heavy and warm like basil, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Take care of yourself. Take breaks when you need. Listen to your body and mind and know yourself to stop before it’s too much. Happy balancing!

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