how we start our day


When my alarm goes off in the morning one of my first thoughts is, ‘how much more sleep can I get’. After doing the calculation, I lay back in bed, attempting to fall back asleep. This doesn’t happen simultaneously so as I lie there, I like to set an intention for the day. My intention is often something along the lines of relaxation, patience, or being mindful and so I lay there thinking about my goal, soaking up any remaining bit of rest possible.

When my last alarm goes off, I pull myself out of bed. Once up, I frantically run around the house trying to get ready for the day in the minimal time I gave myself. In this space, I have found that I lose my intention. No matter how determined, how good it sounded while lying in bed, if I wait to the last second and then rush around in the morning, I lose my sense of calm focus.

I’ve come to realize that it’s not an intentional fault on my behalf; rather, it is a missed connection between goals. I didn’t consider how misaligned the two activities were until recent reflection.

So I ask you, what are your priorities today?

Instead of setting them in bed and then moving through your morning mindlessly until they pop up again, can you set them and then consider the actions that will need to follow?

For example, my actions are now aligned with my intention.

I -Get up when my alarm rings- Take a moment to sit, outside of my bed, and hold space for an intention- Make a commitment to move through my day with the intention, creating little prompts throughout to remind me-

Some prompts I find helpful are setting an alarm to go off every two hours with the intention as the subject line or writing out sticky notes to place on the top of my notebook with my daily intention written on it. Keeping our intention top of mind is important to encourage our alignment with our goal after the day moves into full swing.

While intentions are great, actions speak louder and ring truer to how you feel. Consider what your priorities are and align your actions to demonstrate your true commitment to yourself.


Published by Redheaded.Hippie

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do- Rumi

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