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YOU are worthy of the life you desire! Explore offerings below, choose YOUR path, and master your next mountain ahead.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Unveil your current habits and unconscious thinking patterns that are currently holding you back from your best life ever.

Movement Therapy

Reconnect with your mind and body through focused breathing and movement exercises designed to encourage your next breakthrough.

Talk & Movement Therapy

Combine the two for serious transformation!

Sometimes there is only so much we can do verbally before we have to commit to changing something physically.

Movement therapy combined with 1:1 life coaching is a powerful tool to transform your life and re-align your focus in the direction you desire to move forward into!

What People Are Saying

“Her insight and suggestions really helped me get things back on track. I’ve never had a life coach and didn’t know what to expect, but she radiates calm and positive energy, without being annoyingly chipper, which is what I needed.”


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